Wednesday, April 26, 2006

No Political posts... nothing at all

To quote the famous bloggers from my so wonderful and full of freedom country, Singapore, Mr Brown & and Miyagi Remember, Prison Got No Broadband’.

I shall not have anymore entries about the politics of Singapore or about the lightning party or anything about the upcoming elections, which by the way makes me feel cheated of one holiday.

Oh by the way.I accidentally (meaning I din't mean to search for it lah) came across 2 entries in wiki.

Creepy huh? They have a counterpart in Europe in 1950s.

See resemblance?
Guess what? The bosses know each other too!

Ok must remind myself to be a good Singaporean not to disobey rules.

Wait the lightning party don't upgrade my HDB how? Wait they don't build covered walk ways to bus stops how? Wait they stop giving me free money how? Wait they take more money from me how? Wait I am denied entry into the wonderful I.R how?

I like to have carrots dangled infront of me when things happen.
Then again which true blue Singaporean doesn't

My name is April Rain and I am a Singaporean.