Thursday, September 05, 2013

Everyone and Every Bit Counts

This news caught my attention. Apparently The National Environment Agency (NEA) wants to broadcast messages to remind patrons to return their trays to collection racks. Really? Another SMRT like announcement to remind people to return the trays.

Is it really necessary to have the announcements? Seriously do I want announcements and cheesy music in the background playing in the already noisy hawkers?

Ever since the tray return initiative was launched in hawker centres, there have been quite a lot of debate about this initiative, with both people for and against it.

Singaporeans argues that returning trays are the cleaners' jobs and by having this initiative, we're taking away the jobs of the cleaners.

Please leh, not at all...the one thing that people don't realize is that the cleaners' job scope is to wipe the tables and maintain general cleanliness of the hawker centres. There have been too many trays left on the tables and have been overwhelming for the cleaners 

By helping to return the trays and crockery only means a more efficient turnover for table. The cleaners just need to wipe and clean Returning your trays does not take away the cleaners' jobs, it merely lessens the burdens on the elderly cleaners making the hawker centres cleaner and more hygienic.

So if we all do our part and help return the trays, we would also be helping the cleaners, which also means NEA don't need to blast reminders and irritate us when we eat, yes?

But, dear NEA, if you really have to do it, may I suggest the following ideas?

1) Hire a singer with live setup to be there. When people are eating the singer will sing and when she spots people not returning trays? He/She can go like "Hello table 23, you neber return tray, don't di siao. The man at table 24 you also hor dont think I never see." 

2) Hire Hossan Leong and Mr Miyagi to write a jingle.

3) Get Morgan Freeman to do it. Soothing and nice. Infact it can either be Morgan Freeman or James Earl Jones. Deep soothing and sexy. If no budget then get that local guy William Xavier.

4) Get Samuel L Jackson to do it. That gaze and tonality and for added measure, add in Motherfucker, leave the tray there, I dare you!

Whatever you all do, please please please don't ever ever hire this fella to keep repeating that word again. It is bloody irritating!

On this note, NEA is giving you money to write song. Simple as that. So go take part in the Eco Music Challenge. Its more fun than that Final One thingy on TV.


Anonymous said...

Good point. If people in other countries return their trays naturally, why can't we get in the habit as well?

I can't wait to watch that video from Samuel Jackson telling us to return our trays.