Friday, May 31, 2013


well not my job... not yet.

So here's the story. I am coming out now. No, not that way. I am a smoker. I have been smoking since I was a teenager, and that is like really long time ago. I started with a small pack. Back in those days. they were selling them in packs of 10. Heck you could even buy them individually at mama shops.

My first stick of ciggie was a Salem. I hated it, hated the taste. But for some reason I can't remember, I stuck on with it. That is how it all went. I started smoking everywhere I go. It was cool really or so I thought.

I mean look Superman smokes and he looks cool, no?

Zor El was caught smoking too... but he is dead.

At any one time did I consider to quit? Ask any smoker that and the answer will be yes. But it never happened.

Is it an addiction? Ask any smoker that and the answer will be no. But essentially it is an addiction. I would say 50% habitual and 50% addiction.

I mean back in the days of working in STB, I was smoking like a chimney, one can sit outside the cafeteria and work the whole day there smoking.

I am not going into how much you can save and how healthy you can be. It is obvious and everyone knows it.

Here's the thing, I am already embarking on a journey to be healthy, eating, clean, exercising and infact running my first marathon, so why not take this opportunity to quit. I dont wanna die half way running or training.

So since I Quit campaign is running right now, I might as well try to take up the 28 days countdown. Stay smokefree for 28 days and see how it goes, not that difficult right? If Chandler can do it why not me?

I would imagine that is how grouchy I will be.

Anyway nuff said. I will try my utmost best to keep to the 28 days. I will try my best not to be grouchy, and I will try my best to chronicle it as much as I can.

Anyway I think Superman is cooler like that

I mean seriously look at them supporting me,

On hindsight, I think they are asking me to quit my job instead.....